About MEV

The staff at MEV have years of experience writing software and creating custom electronics for both very low-volume and one-off applications and higher volume industrial products.

We deliver complete system solutions, integrating card racks and standard enclosures, off the shelf and custom hardware, standard or embedded real time operating systems and bespoke application software.

MEV can also work closely with your own design team to design and integrate hardware, IP or software modules into your own on going design. For example we regularly provide the PCI or PCIe interface and driver(s), working closely with the customer to enable them to integrate their own custom logic with the interface.

If you are stuck with a particular aspect of a design such as Altera PCIe, PLX PCI or Altera DDR2 memory we are also happy just to supply consultancy on a time and materials basis.

We specialise in

  • Industrial process control / monitoring
  • Data acquisition / logging
  • Data Analysis
  • Telemetric (GPS, GPRS, WIFI)
  • Mobile solutions
  • Remote Surveillance

The History

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All the company directors, Graham Siepen, Dave Cooper and Helen Elcock have a strong background in electronic engineering. They first worked together at Sension Systems Ltd., in 1988, they have since worked together on a number of industrial projects. They have significant design expertise in the industrial sector at product and system level in addition to significant software expertise for real time embedded microcontroller systems and for the IBM PC, under DOS or MS Windows environments.

MEV was formed in November 1993 by Graham, David and Helen. We were soon joined by Keith and Ian, both experienced software engineers, Pat our administrator, and Nick our technical assistant.

We very quickly won contracts to in the nuclear sector designing and developing systems for aiding in decommissioning nuclear installations and assuring quality control such as the Gamma Spectra Synthesis system and in the Industrial Sector designing Energy Management Systems.

As the demand rose for converting industrial ISA cards to the PCI bus standard we became partners with PLX Technology and have continued in this to the present day now working closely with Altera using the new low-cost Cyclone IV GX devices to convert PCI to PCIe. We have been writing and maintaining Windows drivers since 2000 and have been Microsoft Silver partners specialising in OEM driver development since 2008. We have been writing and maintaining Linux Drivers since 2001 and Ian Abbott helps maintain the Comedi Linux control and measurement device interface.

We also have a vast amount of experience developing low-power solutions using Microcontroller PICs, delivering our first PIC based product the Micrologger in 1994.