Test and Measurement

MEV have many years of experience developing device drivers for a wide range customers for many different operating systems. Here are some examples.



MEV are updating Amplicon's own-brand range of cards to include PCIe solutions built around the low-cost Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA family. The Cyclone IV GX comes with built in hard IP PCIe transceiver giving a low-cost, one-chip solution for PCIe adapter cards.

Sarclad Roll Scan


Mounted onto roll grinding equipment, Rollscan systems can be used during and after roll grinding activities to effectively detect and quantify surface defects such as roll cracks, bruising and magnetism, as well as sub-surface flaws such as shell core interface defects, non-metallic inclusions and porosity.

MEV have been contracted by Sarclad Limited to both design a bespoke PCI multifunction analogue acquistion adapter and to customise and integrate DB-UT ultrasonic test PCI adapters into their roll scan system.

Gamma Spectra Synthesis

MEV have designed a Gamma Spectra Synthesis system which provides accurate and repeatable spectra used to test monitoring equipment in the nuclear industry.

MEV Gamma Spectra Synthesis

Custom PCI Add In Cards

As PLX Partners we have developed a wide range of PCI devices and device drivers for a number of different customers

We can develop and support generic system components or RDKs.

PLX Technology