Windows Solutions

Windows Embedded Partner

No matter what kind of process being managed, it is useful to be able to overview and review the activity back in the office, archive and retrieve information about the process and create summary and detail reports about process activity.

We provide complete data analysis, archiving and management solutions for the office and cloud, these can be part of a larger system or self contained. MEV has a long track history in providing custom solutions such as

  • NDT Data Manager for management piling data logged by CFA auger or driven piling systems
  • In Car Telemetrics (GPS, GPRS) systems

We are skilled in

  • MS Windows Cloud server solutions, Web Solutions, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX and bespoke services able to render images and PDFs
  • Delphi for Windows application development
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Borland Interbase databases
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++ for driver development
  • GNU C for Linux
  • Turbo Pascal and C for DOS
  • Delphi XE and SDLKSD for MAC
  • MS office solutions, custom Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases and office.

Most of the solutions we develop are commercial in confidence. Here are a few Case Studies.