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Case studies

PCI-Express Solutions

MEV work closely with Altera to provide consultancy services designing PCI-Express solutions using Altera GX FPGAs for a wide range of customers.

MEV can provide:

  • Complete PCI-Express master or slave solutions
  • Drivers for Windows, Linux and embedded systems
  • FPGA design consultancy to help a customer connect existing IP to the PCI-Express bus
  • We can work independently to provide just PCIe interface leaving customers to design their own task-specific logic in house

Typical solutions involve data flow from the outside world to a standard interface such as PCI-Express via memory cache, or vice versa.

Altera Cyclone IV GX PCI-Express designs

Achieved data rates

With the Cyclone IV GX PCI-Express interface we could continuously read DDR2 RAM from an Altera EP4CGX150DF31C7 board to Linux Driver at:

PCI-Express x4 end point x1 end point
MBytes/Second 1300 813

A custom Write Master is able to deliver a peak rate of 256 bits of data to DDR2 memory every 75 MHz clock 2.4 GBytes/sec peak.


ALTERA award for outstanding partner support
MEV received an award from ALTERA for Outstanding Partner Support for work done supporting EBV Elektronik and developing the MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe reference design kit.

Apogee Flow Systems

Apogee Flow Systems

MEV provided PCI express data acquisition solutions to many different customers. One customer who is happy for us to share the story with you is Apogee Flow Systems.

We helped Apogee Flow Systems deliver a DMA capable PCIe data acquisition card based on Cyclone IV GX x1 end point. Their existing Apogee PCIe design was changed to be compatible with DMA transfers and we provided a DMA capable Windows WDM driver.

Alitronika DVS

Alitronika DVS - all things to do with digital video interfacing

MEV work closely with Alitronika DVS who manufactures all things to do with digital video interfacing.

We helped develop a range of PCI based DVB adapters.

Alitronika PCI based DVB adapters
Alitronika offer PCI based Digital Video interfacing products, ranging from DVB-ASI input and output to DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C Recorders, Players, de-modulators and modulators.