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Case studies

Remote Data Acquisition

At MEV we specialise in developing custom Altera FPGA Solutions including processor-on-a-chip solutions. These are typically used for remote data logging applications. Some examples include:

Sarclad In Chain SCM


The In-Chain Strand Condition Monitor is a precision, online measurement system for continuous casting machine rolls.

Sarclad In Chain SCM

Based around an Altera NIOS processor the In Chain SCM features:

  • Robust Design
  • Fully automated operation
  • Wireless data transfer and battery charging.
  • Wide measuring range, +80mm
  • Bespoke Digital IO, Analogue input and Unique patented measuring principle
  • Network access and exporting of measurement data.
  • Support for SDHC Fat16 and Fat32

MEV were contracted by Sarclad to design the main processing board in close collaboration with their engineers enabling Sarclad to leverage MEV's FPGA expertise and their own in house expertise to realise their

World leading on-line measuring system for continuous slab casting machines