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Sonovision Technical Specification

Pulser / Receiver
Probe Connectors 1, 4, 8 or 16 (expandable up to 128)
Software Channels up to 256
Transducer Type Single or Twin
HT Pulse Voltage -40V to -300V in 2V increments (Higher voltages optional)
HT Pulse Width 15ns to 1000ns in 5ns increments(with <10ns rise time)
PRF 10Hz TO 20kHz in 10Hz steps (dependent upon voltage, pulse width and gate settings)
Gain Range -10dB to +110dB in 0.1 dB steps
Bandwidth 0.5 - 40 MHz
Input Noise Level 1.5nV/(Hz)
Impedance (Damping) 133Ω (other options available)
Distance Amplitude Correction (DAC)
Gain Range -10dB to +110dB in 0.1 dB steps
DAC Curves 8
DAC Memory 16kByte
DAC Points per Curve Up to 4096, Optimum number is automatically selected depending on channels, frequency & range
DAC Frequency 1/4 to 1/32 of digitisation rate automatically selected depending on range & points
DAC Reference TX pulse or Interface Echo
Signal Filtering & Rectification
Low Pass Filters 1.3MHz, 3MHz, 5.5MHz, 7.6MHz, 10.3MHz, 13.3MHz, 22MHz & Broadband (channel selectable)
High Pass Filters 0.5MHz, 1.5MHz, 3MHz, 4MHz, 6.1MHz, 7.5MHz, 12.5MHz, 16.5MHz (channel selectable)
Rectifier Digital - Full-wave, Positive half-wave, Negative half-wave and RF selectable on a channel basis
Post-Rectification Filters Digital
Sampling rate 125MHz to 2MHz in 7 steps (250MHz optional)
Resolution 8-bit (10/12 bit optional)
Points per channel 65536 (256k optional)
Sample Delay 0 to 10ms dependent upon digitisation frequency
Averaging 2 to 256 frames or disabled
Averaging Performance Real-time hardware averaging of all channels at maximum digitisation rate
Averaging Memory 128k - dynamically allocated across channels
Max. Gates per Channel 16 - start, length and threshold specified in mm or µs
Peak Detection Real-time hardware peak detection: First 'n', Last 'n' amplitude
Transfer Rate to PC 133MB/s PCI Burst Mode
Encoder Interface
Number of Axes 2 (4 optional)
Encoder Type Single (Differential optional)
Encoder Voltage 5V (TTL)
Encoder Counts ±231 quadrature counts
Input Frequency 1MHz
Video Tracking Interface
Maximum Image Size 768 x 576 (PAL)
Detection Speed 50Hz (PAL)
Standard PAL or NTSC
Motor Drive Unit Interface
Description External 2 axis DC motor controller and driver (optional)
Interface Type RS232/485
Link Speed 115kbps