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Hardware design

PCI 9052 RDK

Broadcom PCI Bridge Chips MEV are technology partners with Broadcom, a major worldwide supplier of PCI Bridge chips.

Over the years, we have developed a strong relationship with Broadcom who provide excellent technical support via their field application engineers.

Because of this and the extensive experience MEV has gained in implementing PCI solutions using Broadcom bridge chips, MEV were asked to design and develop Broadcom's PCI 9052 RDK Lite product.

PCI 9052 RDK-LITE Product Brief

For designers looking for a simple and painless way to convert their ISA adapters to PCI, Broadcom offers its PCI 9052 RDK-LITE. In addition to supporting the PCI 9052, the PCI 9052 RDK-LITE can be used as a software development platform for the PCI 9050.

The package includes complete and reusable hardware design documentation

  • OrCAD schematics
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • OrCAD layout source
  • Gerber output files
  • PLD memory controller
  • Verilog source code

For information about the PCI 9052 visit Broadcom's PCI 9052 page.