From Concept to Market

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Hardware design



MEV have extensive experience developing FPGA embedded processor solutions for Altera NIOS embedded softcore processors.

A Typical Altera NIOS configuration

Softcore CPU based systems can now be embedded in FPGA logic for the ultimate in system miniaturization. These devices offer

  • 32-bit, single-chip processor solutions
  • Custom C or in the case of the NIOS uLinux applications
  • DDR2, SDRAM, SRAM memory interfaces
  • Triple Speed Ethernet
  • Compact Flash, Secure Digital (SD and SDHC), IDE Interfaces
  • CAN, LIN, KLINE, I2C, SPI, and many other communication standards
  • PCI, PCIe and USB
  • Custom designed CPU peripherals

Do you want to miniaturize an existing embedded system?
Do you need to reduce power consumption?
We can help.

MEV have developed a number of FPGA systems including network enabled high speed UT data acquisition (dbUT) and embedded in car telematics systems.