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Do you have an FPGA application you want to interface to a PC or embedded microprocessor? Maybe you have a lot of data you wish to transfer reliably at high speed, then perhaps you are considering the PCIe bus for the link. Altera Cyclone, Stratix and Arria FPGA devices now all come in GX versions with built in hardware PCI-Express interfaces and may be ideal for your application.

MEV work closely with Altera to provide consultancy services designing PCI-Express solutions using Altera GX FPGAs for a wide range of customers. Altera now provide single-chip solutions for PCI-Express (PCIe) with their range of low-cost FPGAs with PCIe Hard IP.

MEV specialize in PCI and PCIe design. We have an established track record for supplying both master and slave PCIe solutions based around Altera FPGA technology.

Altera PCI-Express Consultancy

MEV can supply:

  • Custom PCIe card design
    Bespoke cards designed and manufactured to your specifications complete with system software, device drivers and installation package.
  • PCI to PCIe migration
    If you have an existing PCI bus design that you wish to migrate, MEV can provide all the engineering services required, schematics design, PCB design and supply a comprehensive drawing package.
  • PCI-Express interface design
    If you are happy to design the majority of the card in-house, we supply the information you need to successfully connect your design to the PCI-Express bus. MEV can supply PCI / PCIe interface implementation IP and an interface to your design logic.
  • Custom driver development.
    MEV can develop custom device drivers for your adapter cards for Windows, Linux, DOS, LabVIEW. As Microsoft Silver Partner (OEM) we can supply Windows Accredited drivers. See our Device Drivers page.
  • Consultation
    Or, if you are designing your card completely in-house, MEV can just supply the help and advice you need to get a successful result.

MEV have designed a number of PCIe plug-in cards using Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGAs for a range of clients including the latest Amplicon own-brand PCI-Express Digital I/O Cards . Card designs range from simple I/O slaves to fully featured, scatter-gather, bus master solutions.

Altera Cyclone IV GX Altera's Cyclone IV GX family is the first low-cost, high-volume FPGA family with integrated PCIe Hard IP.