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MEV make a wide variety of products from Ultrasonic Non Destructive Test solutions to PC plug-in cards for computers. Some products such as the USB232 and USB485 USB Serial converters are sold by us directly. Other products are developed and sold by partner companies or as part of ongoing royalty schemes.

We are always looking to help our customers get to market in the most cost-effective way and are open to discussions about offsetting initial development cost against an ongoing investment in the end product.

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DBUT Ultrasonic Test

Ultrasonic NDT

MEV db-UT is a ruggedised, portable ultrasonic inspection system supporting Time-of-Flight-Diffraction (TOFD) and Pulse Echo (PE) Corrosion/Erosion Mapping.

MEV have been been involved in Ultrasonic NDT for over 10 years and latest miniature PODS are significantly smaller. The USB version is self powered from the PC's USB port, ideal for portable applications.

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USB Serial Converters

USB serial converters add RS232 or RS485 ports to a PC or laptop.

MEV have been making these for over 15 years and they have been very successful. The unit is fully opto-isolated giving excellent protection to the PC in harsh environments. The converters take their power from the USB port, which is perfect for portable and industrial applications.

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Amplicon PCI242H3


Since 1997 MEV has designed and maintained a range of communications and data acquisition PC plug-in cards for Amplicon

As well as designing the Amplicon own brand product hardware, MEV supply and maintain Windows, Linux and LabVIEW drivers. MEV also provide backend support so that Amplicon can sell the boxed product with confidence.

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Altera PCIe RDK

MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe Reference Design Kit includes Quartus reference designs for Altera Cyclone IV PCIe design, a MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe debug device" device plus driver, library and test software.

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Altera PCIe



MEV's remote system update solution for Cyclone IV GX based PCIe devices is a mechanism for updating bespoke FPGA firmware via PC software over the PCIe bus.

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