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Altera PCIe

Are you struggling to develop a PCI-Express (PCIe) solution on the Altera Cyclone IV GX?

The MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe Reference Design Kit has all you need to get you off the starting blocks. Developed as a starting point for customers' own designs. It allows customers to commission the hardware and in many cases where high data rates are not required it can form the basis of a customer's final design.

The MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe Reference Design Kit includes:

  • A working "MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe debug device" plus driver, library and test software that can be deployed on a development kit for quick proof of concept OR to use with your own design to check hardware is OK.
  • FPGA source code as a starting point for a user's own design.
  • QSYS (or SOPC) based so it can easily be reconfigured to suit your design.
  • A Windows debug driver for this device. The Windows Debug driver and API library allows arbitrary registers to read and written on the debug device whether it is deployed on the above kits or an equivalent design deployed on user hardware.
  • It is a PCIe slave device mapping memory in bar 0 and bar 1.
  • Does not support master mode DMA. If you need high bandwidth solutions click here.

It includes Quartus Archived Projects and .SOF programming files for common Altera Cyclone IV development kits such as the
Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA Development Kit and the EBV Altera Cyclone IV db4cgx15 development kit

MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe debug device

The debug driver is fully compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bit) from XP to Windows 8.1 onwards. It is licensed for internal site use.

Our simple reference driver allows you to read and write registers. This gives you a quick and easy solution to enable you to do in-house design proving and build product demonstrators. It covers how to interface to legacy components such as FIFOs and UARTs and does not require you to install 3rd party driver development kits.

The RDK is a PCIe Target only so bandwidth is limited but if you have high data rates and require master mode DMA, no problem. MEV can help, either with consultancy, complete FPGA designs, driver software in Windows or Linux, circuit design and even complete PCB design should you need it. MEV have an established track record for supplying both master and slave PCIe solutions based around Altera FPGA technology, see examples in our case studies.

Please note that with the release of QSYS, Altera have release a free reference design available from PCI_Express_in_Qsys_Example_Designs. Our driver will work with this design too.

MEV are UK-based Microsoft Partners, we provide signed drivers developed to a very high standard certified for all current Microsoft Windows 32/64 bit operating systems. With over 10 years experience developing embedded Linux solutions we can also provide fully a featured device driver and application for Linux operating systems.

MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe reference design kit is £40.00.

This does not include support. Please contact us for support options