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Amplicon Products


Since 1997 MEV has designed and maintain a range Commercial Off the Shelf (COTs) industrial communications and data acquisition PC plug-in cards for Amplicon.

As well as designing the Amplicon own brand product hardware, MEV provide manufacturing documentation, supply and maintain Windows, Linux and LabVIEW drivers along with the extensive software examples. All of this coupled with the backend support provided by MEV mean that Amplicon can sell the boxed product to their end customers with confidence.

Follow the links below for information on the cards and associated device drivers which we have produced.

MEV are updating Amplicon Own Brand range of digital I/O cards to include PCIe solutions build around the low-cost Altera Cyclone IV FPGA family. The Cyclone IV comes with built in hard IP PCIe transceiver giving a low-cost, one-chip solution for PCIe adapter cards.

LabVIEW drivers

MEV developed the Amplicon LabVIEW drivers that provide support for the full range of Amplicon own brand digital and analogue I/O cards in LabVIEW.

Amplicon LabVIEW DIO

LabVIEW Drivers for Amplicon Analogue / Digital I/O boards

Microsoft Office Add-ins

MEV developed a plug in for Microsoft Excel so that from the Amplicon Analogue data acquisition cards can be read straight into an Excel Spreadsheet.

Amplicon DAX Excel Add-In

DAQ Software for non-programmers DAX