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Energy Management

MEV supply a range of energy management products to NewFound Energy.



Although aimed at the energy management market, the Micrologger is a versatile instrument. Features include

  • 4 Pulse Inputs
  • One Sync Pulse IP
  • Serial interface (RS232 or RS485 or Meter Bus)
  • 128K on board, battery backed RAM.
  • It can log over 1 months information
  • Retain that information for months

Used to profile energy consumption in large industrial sites, the micrologger is a miniature, battery powered, energy management logger. It can record power consumption from up to 4 pulse power meters for over a month and then be queried by a permanent serial interface or by a portable PC. The information gathered can be used to accurately profile site energy consumption enabling tailoring of site electricity billing.

The Micrologger is sold complete with a suite of energy management software by NewFound Energy Ltd .

Current To Frequency Converter

The current to frequency convertor will translate a standard 4 to 20mA analogue input to a train of pulses suitable for the Micrologger. This enables the micrologger to be used to monitor analogue quantities.

Current to Frequency Converter

  • Frequency Output 0 to 1 Hz
  • Loop Powered
  • Isolated to 4 kV
  • Volt Free Contacts

For more information please email : Dave Cooper