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Do you need PCIe remote update on Cyclone IV or V FPGA PCIe Device?

Would you like to be able to update the logic inside your Altera FPGA PCIe card design without having to return the device to the factory?

MEV RSU no return to base

Would you like this Remote Update solution to already have been done for you, leaving you only to worry about implementing your user logic?

MEV Remote System Update solution (MEV RSU) is a simple way to use Altera’s remote update system to deploy new solutions. You are probably using the Cyclone FPGA to implement your own PCIe card solution. This is likely to be a custom industrial solution which may need to be revised, upgraded and/ or bug fixed after the cards have been deployed. This normally means returning the card back to the factory to update its program via the programming header. MEV RSU means you or your end user can update the card firmware in situ without returning the card to base with simple to use tools.

For more information download the MEVRSU data sheet

What does it work on?

MEV RSU offers a cost effective, out of the box remote update solution for Altera Cyclone IV GX and Cyclone V GX PCIe solutions.


  • Hard IP PCI express (PCIe) devices on the Cyclone IV or V GX
  • EPCS flash to store the FPGA firmware.
  • Windows drivers, API and applications

How do you use it?

When it is correctly deployed you will have computer that boots with your user device and will not see MEV RSU at all.

However the PCIe card has been deployed with a dual personality and you can force it to appear as a “MEV Altera Cyclone IV PCIe EPCS update device” if you wish by fitting a jumper or writing a predefined register location via the Cyclone IV updater library API.

MEV RSU device

MEV provide a Windows application that talks to the “Altera Cyclone IV PCIe EPCS update device” and allows the user image to be updated in EPCS flash. There is an SDK for this interface too so you can write your own applications.

MEV RSU updater application

If the update fails then the device will failsafe and the card will still appear as an MEV “Altera Cyclone IV PCIe EPCS update device”.

The solution is provided by experts in the field of PCIe solution development. MEV are UK based Microsoft Partner’s. MEV provide signed drivers developed to a very high standard that can be certified for all current Microsoft Windows 32/64 bit operating systems.

To purchase e-mail: :Pat Marsh.