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MEV RS485 Interface Products

MEV have developed a significant design expertise in RS485 communications for the industrial sector and have produced several interface products.

RS485 Repeater

RS485 repeater

The MEV RS485 Repeater allows communication between RS485 systems in otherwise impossible situations.

  • Doubles allowable network distance
  • Protects network by electrically isolating the ports of the repeater to 1KV
  • Two or four wire, half or full duplex operation
  • Allows multiple bus masters
  • Facilitates RS485 communication when it is not normally feasible
  • Saves costly cable and cable laying
  • Static discharge protection fitted as standard

The RS485 data transmission standard requires that each network node be linked via a single transmission line terminated at each end in its characteristic impedance. Furthermore the total transmission line length is limited to approx. 1Km.

Sometimes it is necessary to transmit over longer distances, or to run networks with spurs off the main cable run. The model R485i opto-isolated repeater solves these problems by creating a second network electrically isolated from the first. It receives signals on one network and re-transmits them on another. The opto-isolation coupled with the ESD / static discharge protection, which is fitted as standard, makes the network less susceptible to damage from nearby lightning strikes or other differences in local earth potential.

RS485 Repeater Manual

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Magic RS485 RS232 Converter

In addition to the standard range of bi-directional RS232 to RS422/485 converters, Amplicon have introduced two new models. The M485F9 and M485F25 Magic converters, designed by MEV do not require RTS or an external transmit enable signal to control turnaround

Unlike other converters the Magics can convert any RS232 port to RS485 without special software or additional hardware. The transmitter is automatically enabled when the intelligent converter detects that data is to be transmitted. As with the standard converters it is bi-directional and converts data lines only, handshake lines are looped back internally. Half duplex, two wire RS485 operation is supported.

RS485 Magic Manual

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Amplicon Magic Converter


USB Serial Converters

USB serial converters add RS232 or RS485 ports to a PC or laptop.

MEV have been making these for over 15 years and they have been very successful. The unit is fully opto-isolated giving excellent protection to the PC in harsh environments. The converters take their power from the USB port, which is perfect for portable and industrial applications.

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