From Concept to Market

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Software Design

MEV develops a wide range of software from Embedded systems to Back End office and Cloud database solutions.

Case Studies
NDT PL3000

System Solutions

MEV develop, maintain and support the Cloud based BIM system for N D Technology’s Piling Rig Instrumentation.

This uses a custom Windows Embedded system to control and monitor the piling processes. The solution is Cloud based providing Business Information Management through a web interface, allow features such as live access to status and Job Scheduling.

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Embedded Solutions

MEV have designed and developed a number of projects using PIC microcontrollers.

In the Car Telemetrics system, the PIC's low power requirements and the ability to interface to GPS, GPRS, CAN, LIN, K-Line and A-Line vehicle buses are particularly important in the vehicle security systems implemented by a number of prestige car manufacturers

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Ferrari Spider

linux and Windows

Device Drivers

MEV develop custom Device Drivers to your requirements for all major Windows and Linux platforms. This includes performance critical device driver solutions for PCI and PCI-Express (PCIe) devices. If you are developing your own device drivers, we can offer support and advice on the WHQL Logo Program we can help DTM test and Logo your driver.

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