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Software design

Device Drivers

MEV supply custom Device Drivers to your requirements to operate on all major PC platforms including Windows and Linux.

Through the Microsoft Windows WHQL logo program we are able provide fully compatible Microsoft Windows accredited drivers for Windows desktop and server operating systems.

  • We specialise in Altera PCIe FPGA design. We can provide high speed Master Mode DMA driver solutions in Windows and Linux for Altera's range of FPGAs with PCIe Hard IP facilitating a single-chip, low-cost PCI-Express (PCIe) solution.
  • We are technology partners with Broadcom, a major worldwide supplier of PCI and PCIe Bridge chips. We are familiar with using the Broadcom SDK or Broadcom SDK Lite. We can either write a driver solution for you based around Broadcom driver models, existing driver code or standard driver models.

We can provide performance critical device driver solutions for PCI, PCI-Express (PCIe) and USB devices in Windows and Linux. If you are developing your own device driver solutions, we can offer support, advice and through the WHQL Logo Program we can help DTM test and Logo your driver.

As well as developing drivers for the latest versions of Windows, we can develop for XP, XP (embedded), 2000, ME, 98 (WDM) and NT. We also support legacy platforms too and can develop device drivers for DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95 (VXD) and NT 3.51. All Windows drivers are developed under the Microsoft MSDN in Microsoft Visual C/C++ and MASM 6.11 assembler.


We currently develop and maintain the Windows and Linux device drivers and supporting application interfaces for Amplicon's serial adapters and data acquisition cards. The data acquisition card drivers support functions such as High speed Analogue IO, Digital IO, Counter Timers (CTCs).

Sarclad Alitronica DVS Wavestore

We have a successful track record in producing bespoke PCI and PCIe devices and device drivers for a range of customers. Some examples include