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Software design

Embedded Software

Windows Embedded Partner
Embedded Systems Using standard communications such as serial, mobile phone modem, fieldbus and TCP/IP, MEV can develop custom industrial controllers with or without a man-machine interface.

If standard components are not available we can design and deliver the custom drivers, protocol libraries or other components necessary to be able to realise a solution.

MEV provide embedded software solutions for:

  • Altera SOPC, Altera ARM SOC, NIOS, QSYS
  • Microchip PIC
  • PC and PowerPC platforms, PDA, DSPs
  • Linux, Windows XP Embedded, DOS and OS9
  • Data Communications, Data logging and analysis
  • Backend server cloud solutions
  • Telematics, GPS, GPRS
  • TCP/IP solutions
  • PCI, VME bus standards
  • PROFIBUS, CAN, LIN and other fieldbus Technologies

MEV have extensive experience in providing embedded system solutions based around Windows, Linux and other Operating Systems. We can help you decide which solution is best for you.

Embedded systems can require

  • A stable and completely defined platform and OS
  • Support for non-Intel based platforms
  • Real Time, Deterministic performance.
  • Low power requirements

What Embedded OS is right for your system?

Altera ARM SOC leverage a fully-fledged low power ARM processor solution embedded in FPGA fabric and Linux OS used in our latest range of DB_UT Ultrasonic Test Equipment.

SOPC processor on a chip solutions can be deployed using native code or with embedded OS. For example μCLinux OS is used on our range of DB_UT Ultrasonic Test Equipment or with native code as used by Sarclad In Chain SCM.

Windows 10 Internet of Things is a tailored version of Windows that allows you the deliver custom secure embedded solutions to market quickly based on standard Intel x86 and Windows 32 technology. It is typically used in advanced set-top boxes, networked media devices, advanced data acquisition systems. The previous version Windows Embedded Standard is used on ND Technology Piling Systems RIGs.

Linux is a fully featured open source operating system supports non Intel based platforms and can be license fee free but may have a higher initial development cost. Wavestore Digital Video Recorder is targeted for Linux.