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Software design


Serial Device Drivers

MEV have developed Linux and Windows device drivers for Amplicon high speed serial cards. The latest drivers are Microsoft compatible and designed to support:

  • baud rates beyond 1.0 MBaud
  • ISA shared interrupts, as implemented on Amplicon serial boards, enabling more than one serial device to share an interrupt resource successfully without conflicts.
  • RS485 half duplex transmission options enabling multiple RS485 ports to communicate in half-duplex (two wire) mode. This driver is capable of driving the standard Amplicon RS485 cards, as well as external RS485 adaptors.

Amplicon Cards and Devices supported by MEV Drivers

PCI247H PC247H Dual port RS232
PCI247Hi PC247Hi Dual port isolated RS232
PCI248H PC248H Dual port RS422/485
PCI248Hi PC248Hi Dual port isolated RS422/485
PCI249H PC249H RS232 and RS422/845
PCI249Hi PC249Hi Isolated RS232 and RS422/485
PCI242H   4 port RS232
PCI242Hi   4 port RS232 isolated
PCI244H PC231 8 port RS232
PCI244Hi PC231i 8 port isolated RS232
  PC241 8 port RS422/485
  PC241i 8 port isolated RS422/485
PC-COM 485 PCMCIA adapter
MGSf External RS485 adapter



The drivers are Microsoft compatible allowing you to use the standard WIN32 serial communications interface in whatever hi-level language you like; C, C++, Delphi, etc. It also means that applications written to use this standard interface will automatically work with the new Amplicon features.

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