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Amplicon Serial Communications device driver Support

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What is the driver?

The Amplicon serial communications drivers are based on the Microsoft serial communications drivers. However they have been extended to support Amplicon specific card features, namely

  • Shared Interrupts
  • Automatic RS485 toggling in half duplex mode

Configuring RTS Half Duplex Toggle

There are two ways of communicating using RS485. In full duplex mode (four wire), two wires are used to send data and two receive data. In half duplex mode (two wire) two wires share both send and receive data. In order for this to work, RS485 transmit buffers must only be enabled when the device is transmitting.

The driver can be configured through the control panel to only enable the RS485 transmit buffers when required.

Custom control panel applications / user interfaces are provided for Windows that have an option in the advance settings for the RS485 turn around mode.

No user program code is needed to use these functions, just enable them in the control panel and existing RS232 applications will work on two wire RS485.

The NT control panel applet is shown below

NT Amplicon Serial Control Panel Applet